All the Electricity

Well, when you’re renting out a soundstage to people who want to plug in lots of lights, you need electricity, and lots of it.

So, we had a big box dropped in the parking lot via PG&E and they brought in lots of power. Here are some photos from them loading in the big box and working on the power lines.

Makes me want to shout “We have the power of Grey Skull!”

And check those thick wires!

dropping the Big power box PG&E
giant power cables
Electrical work outside the Mama Dog Windows
That's a big electrical wire.

All the Construction, Part 1

It took a lot of work getting the building just so. After gutting the space, we found that there was quite a bit of structural work that needed to be done to firm up the building supports and get the floors in tip-top shape. We brought in a structural engineer and put in some new hefty beams and joists.

You can also see from the photos, that during construction we also created a secondary wall with extra insulation inside the building walls where the soundstage is located. This helps with the soundproofing of the soundstage.

Here are some images from the construction zone at Mama Dog:

Mama Dog Studios before the new construction and revamp

The Before Picture (after all the previous occupant’s rooms and walls and stuff was taken out)

New beams and joists, extra strong.
heavy metal joists and beams in the rafters at Mama Dog.
construction of the client room and restrooms at Mama Dog Studios
client room in construction at Mama Dog Studios
view from the client room at Mama Dog Studios, during construction.

In this photo, the walls are almost done and things are looking clean.

Stay tuned for more photos of our construction process.